Our philosophy


As a participant in a photo trip, you have very special requirements regarding the general conditions of the trip and the tour guide. We know exactly what the photographers want. After all, we are travelling ourselves to take pictures.


Knowledge of a place

We know our destinations very well. And with it, of course, the photogenic places and landscapes. We do not rely on travel guides or the Internet. We were already there. We know when the light is best. So that you can start your journey home with great photos in your luggage.

Time to take pictures

We take the time to take pictures. We explore our motives without haste and therefore it can happen that we arrive later than planned in the hotel.

Price and service

We know that you as photographers do not value exaggerated luxury. Our hotels and buses are therefore good middle class. So that we can concentrate more on photography and still make the trip affordable.



Our partners

For some trips we work together with established tour operators who organise hotels and other services on site. However, the photographic tour guide is always with us.

Your safety

Of course you will receive a travel insurance certificate (issued by TourVERS GmbH) for each package tour. And of course there is a tour operator's liability insurance. For your safety.


Included Services

The services included vary depending on the event.

Please pay attention to the relevant information at the respective event.


We are legally obliged to point out that you should take out a travel cancellation insurance and, if you travel abroad, an international health insurance.