Agencies, memberships and friends

We are represented by the following photo agencies:

age fotostock Madrid, Barcelona, Paris, New York
Picture Press Hamburg
Arco images Travel and nature
blickwinkel nature meets people
Stock photography by Rainer+and+Simone+Hoffmann at Alamy alamy, UK

We are members of the following organizations:

Gesellschaft Deutscher Tierfotografen
(GDT) (Fördermitglied)


Fotovia Mick Vahlsing, Fotografie
TSC Hansa Syke e.V. (Formationstanzsport)

Rights of use for photos

We are not allowed to offer you rights of use for photos that are distributed by our agencies directly. If you would like to use a photo on our website for your publications, please send us a brief request. We will then be happy to inform you whether the rights to the photo in question are free. However, we may need to refer you to one of our agencies.

Fine art prints in limited edition for non-commercial purposes can be obtained from all our photos, regardless of the above regulation.

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