About us


This is Rainer. He is always available for a little nap, especially in the African midday heat.
When he's not sleeping, he likes to crawl through the bush, armed with a camera of course. But since he can't just be in Africa, of course, he's also in Ireland. France and, not so rarely, at dance tournaments in northern Germany.
And when he's not on the road, he takes photos in the studio or leads photo courses and photo trips.
But there was something else. Oh yes, not to forget the many hours at the computer. Digital photography also has its downsides...


This is Simone. Great heat can't spoil her good mood, but a swarm of mosquitoes can.
Even if she likes to "hang out" with the big cats of the savannah, she also enjoys a Guinness in the pub or the French cuisine - of course only after a long photo day. Otherwise they can also be found at dance tournaments in Northern Germany. With camera, of course. And of course she is also involved in the photo courses and photo trips.
But Simone's everyday life also has its downsides: Accounting and keywording of thousands of photos.


On photographer websites you will always find a list of cameras, lenses and accessories used by the photographer. Of course, we do not want to make an exception. So:

Camera: Available
Lens: Available
Memory card: Of course, available
Tripod: Yes, and we even use it
Accessories: this and that
Selfie-Stick: Of course!


"I firmly believe that I can take really bad photos with a Hasselblad or Sinar."

Louise von Tharau, ca. 2006