Hoffmann-Photography – Rainer and Simone Hoffmann

Photography is our passion



The main focus of our work is nature and travel photography. We are especially fascinated by the african wildlife.


Glory Hole, Jasper NP

Whether it's deserts or the big cities, the world is full of pictures.



Dead Vlei, Namibia

Our fascination with black and white photography dates back to the „good old times“. And with all the fine art papers that are available nowadays, it's a true revival for this genre.

Ballroom dancing

Formation dancing is not only fast but also very colorful. A dream for every photographer.



Goats Cheese

The nice thing about food photography is, you can eat all the props. Well, almost.



Autumn Leaves

And from time to time, we also like to play around a bit...

Behind the Camera


When you are often „behind the camera“, it usually means one thing sooner or later: time for a back-up. So one plugs in the external hard drive...