Behind the Camera



When you are often „behind the camera“, it usually means one thing sooner or later: time for a back-up. So one plugs in the external hard drive...

A flash, a bang, all monitors turn black and the computers don't utter another peep as my heart rate increases threefold. First thing to do at the scene of the „crash“: to immediately get rid of the power supply „Made in XXXX“ and then start walking towards the fuse box. Very carefully, I re-activate the fuse – okay, that seemed to have worked. So I reboot the computers and the monitors and just hope and pray. But there seems to be no problem – everything is starting smoothly. Well, almost smoothly. One computer wants to check the hard drive. Okay, that's up to him.

Puh, what a stroke of luck! It seems that only the power supply of the external hard drive bit the dust. Luckily, I still have some more power supplies left so that I can successfully complete the back-up. All's well that ends well!

From now on, I'll plug all devices with cheap power supplies (and no, the hard drive IS not a no-name brand...) on an electric circuit where there will be no computers connected to it. Just to be on the safe side