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Full Moon over the Skelligs


I'm forced out of my warm bed by the one Guinness I had last night (or maybe I had three?). That's bad enough, but why on earth does it have to be just half an hour before the alarm goes off? 5:30 a.m. is early enough, isn't it?

On my way back from the bathroom I look out of the window... suddenly, I'm wide awake. The view over the bay is breathtaking. The Skelligs in the distance are magnifiscent during the day, but now I see the full moon standing right above the rough cliffs of the islands and at the same time being illuminated by the rising sun. No time to lose. I put on my trousers and a shirt over my pj, grab my photo bag and tripod and sneak out of the backdoor of the B+B.

Vollmond über den SkelligsThe moon is already dangerously close to the horizon by the time I find a good vantage point. I need to hurry, in 15 minutes everything will be over. Once again, I miss the button for the mirror-lock-up on my camera. After 7 or 8 photos, the moon disappears into the mist and I return to the B+B.

Bridie, the landlady of the B+B in St. Finigan's Bay, later tells us that she has never seen the full moon over the Skelligs, though she grew up there and has been living there ever since. Thanks a lot, Guinness!

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