Behind the Camera

Take a Seat!


You've decided to become a travelling nature photographer? Well, good plan. You most probably won't get rich, but hey, you get to travel round the world like Mick Jagger. Well, then again, maybe not, since he will certainly be flying First Class!

Bremen Airport, 4.45 a.m. Why on earth is there a long queue already in front of the check in counter? And why is the queue not moving at all? And why is the lady at the "Business/First Class" counter staring into the air (since obviously no one seems to be interested in flying either of this class) instead of checking in customers of the "lower" class? Ernie and Bert would have had a hard time answering all these questions!

After finally checking in at 5.40 a.m., there is of course no time for a cup of coffee, since the plane will take off at 6.00 a.m. So you run to the Security Check. Queues again! It's the beginning of the Easter Holidays. What a surprise! Holidays always do come out of the blue, don't they? And, of course, the employees do need their holidays as well. So of course, only one x-ray unit is in use.

Puh, finally on board. Just have to store the bag with the photo equipment in the overhead locker... ooops, not possible, every locker is full. Our mistake! Why did we check in that late?! Okay, so you put the bag under the seat. Who needs space for the feet anyway? And - great - it's the center seat. The gentleman at the aisle is spreading his newspaper - oh dear, did it have to be the sports section? Ah well, it's not that long a flight to Frankfurt.

Hopefully someone will soon arrive with the coffee?! Or - heaven forbid - did the airline cut the drinks (who needs drinks on a 40 minute flight anyway?). But - thank  God - there is the stewardess with her trolley. But hey, wait, where is she heading for? Of course, the business class. Should have thought of that. Another question to Ernie and Bert: Why is it that you are always the last to get the coffee?

The captain's voice booms over the loudspeaker: "Good morning, Ladies and Gentlemen and welcome on our flight to Frankfurt. We hope you are really comfortable on board our aircraft." I beg your pardon? Comfortable? Did this clown in the cockpit ever have to fly on seat 27B?