About Us





This is Rainer. He is always willing to take a short nap, especially in the african heat. When he isn't asleep, he loves crawling trough the african bush – of course with his camera. Unfortunately, he can't spend all his time in Africa, so you can also see him in Ireland, France and quite often at formation dancing tournaments in northern Germany. And if he isn't travelling, you can find him in his studio or heading photography classes.

But wait, before we forget it, there is more: all the hours spent in front of the computer. Digital photography does have its downside!



This is Simone. Even great heat can't dampen her spirits – but a bunch of mosquitos is quite another thing. She loves „hanging around“ with the big cats of the savanna, but she is also quite happy to have a Guinness in a pub or enjoy the french cuisine – but only after a long and hard day of photography of course. Otherwise, you can also see her at formation dancing tournaments in northern Germany. Naturally, with her camera.

But Simone's daily life has its downsides as well: doing the bookkeeping and keywording thousands and thousands of photos.


When you visit other photographer's websites you often find a detailed list of the equipment which the photographer uses. Of course, we don't want to make an excepetion at this point. So:

Camera: Yes, available
Lens: Yes, available
Memory card: Yes, of course
Tripod: Yes, and we even use it
Accessories: This and that